Editorial Mission Statement

Who you are creating content for? Freelance content writers.

Why are creating content? So they can earn enough money to take vacations, buy a house and retire one day. So they can find meaning and joy in their work. So they can deliver great value to their clients, so those clients will eagerly pay them a living wage.

What does your brand stand for? Blending communication skills, data, creativity and business goals to create remarkable content.

Why do you publish? Because too many content writers are getting fleeced, working themselves to death, and creating filler content that’s basically just getting tossed into the void.

Who you are as a company: At the moment, I am one person. But I’m a person who’s written thousands of articles for websites, and who now earns as much as the top 1% of content writers – $500 or more per blog post.

I’m also someone who’s been stiffed by clients, who’s beaten the pavement for work and ended up getting so little in return that my income was literally below the poverty line.

I’ve had projects fail and had projects achieve wild success. I’ve sold two businesses and several websites. I’ve won a journalism award, an international blogging award, and have a Master’s Degree in direct marketing. I’ve been building, writing and selling via websites for 20 years now. I’m managed $2 million annual pay per click budgets – up to $10,000 a day in clicks.

Who you are trying to reach: I’m trying to reach content writers who are

  • Stuck in the mills, underearning and getting nowhere.
  • Freelancing part time, but who want to safely go full-time.
  • Just barely making a living, but want to be better at what they do and have a more stable income and better clients.

How you’re going to reach them:

  • By publishing the freelance writers survey. Giving the 1,308 writers who completed the survey a copy, plus offering it as a lead generation tool on my site and via social media.
  • Making the report into a longer ebook for sale on Amazon.
  • By developing a headline creator tool that has an ungated version, a gated version and a paid version.
  • By publishing and promoting 24 blog posts over the next year, and by reformating those posts into infographics, SlideShares, videos and interactive quizzes/assessments.
  • By publishing a curated weekly email newsletter about any content I can find that would be helpful to freelance content writers
  • Possibly: By interviewing successful content writers so they can explain how they run their businesses
  • Possibly: By creating a free directory that content writers can list themselves on
  • Possibly: By taking listings from companies that need content writers

What you want to accomplish when you do reach them:

To show them it is possible to earn a good living. To show them they can do it, and they won’t have to work themselves to death to get there.
One major, crazy goal: To get 1,000 content mill writers out of the mills and earning $48,000 a year – $4,000 every month.

By the end of this year – by the end of 2018, I want:

  • 12,000 email subscribers
  • At least 24 blog posts
  • A headline generator, an hourly wage calculator, and a “how you compare” tool created
  • 6 kindle books published
  • A free course for content writers who want to escape the mills and earn a living wage


So there. Content Wonk is now among the 28% of B2B marketers that has an editorial mission statement.

Editorial Mission Statement