Be careful how you link your videos

videoblogpostMany of us have posted videos on our websites and on YouTube. That’s great. But what you may not know is that if you post those same videos on your website and on YouTube, Google will send any organic search traffic to the YouTube page, not to your site.

Of course, you can put a link to your site on the YouTube page, but that’s going to get you maybe 10% of the traffic you’d get if your page showed up first in the search engine results listings.

What’s the solution? Either host your videos on your own server, or on Vimeo, or on the Amazon S3 servers. Vimeo and Amazon are nearly free, and very fast.

That way the traffic to your videos will be going to your website instead of going to Google’s website, YouTube. Of course, still having some videos on YouTube that link to your site is always a good idea. Just consider how you your videos are hosted, or you might not get the traffic results you want.