Email, social media, copywriting and conversion blogs I should be commenting on

This is a sample list from a newish social media site called

notebookforlistBLOG is a social media tool that lets you create lists. It’s better than bookmarking

As you can probably guess from the name, lets you create lists of different things. The items can be links, photos, videos or any other piece of media.

I’m using it to get more mileage out of the hundreds of bookmarks I’ve collected while I’ve been researching different topics. As a “content marketer” I need to be creating content all the time, and so my strategy for that right now is to try to take every task I do and see if I can pull some content out of it that’s usable for you. Like researching stuff online. is free. There are reports of it getting enormous amounts of traffic for some bloggers. I happened to notice that the smart people from DuctTape marketing have put up a couple of lists.

I’ll tell you more as I add more lists and get more experience with it.

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