Content promotion services for B2B SaaS firms and digital agencies

So why pay for personalized content promotion?
Why not just run ads promoting your content?

Because content promotion usually costs per click than advertising. Often much less. 
The B2B average cost per click on Google Ads is $3.33; on Facebook, it’s $2.48. Our Bronze package for $127 would have to generate only 40-50 clicks to meet those costs. It typically generates at least 100 clicks – and those are clicks from real people, not the flood of spam bot clicks most content promotion tools are offering.

Because the benefits of content promotion last.
Once advertising gets turned off, the party’s over. But content promotion builds links and referral traffic that can last for years.

Because content promotion is human to human.
Content promotion is, in essence, a network-building exercise. It’s outreach to your ideal customers and partners. Even if a micro-influencer doesn’t share your content, they’ll have “met” your brand after receiving a content outreach message.

Because the clicks we’ll get for you are from real people.
We use one of the best click-tracking tools available (ClickMagick), so you aren’t counting clicks from bots and reading devices. Almost 90% of the clicks being “counted” from some content promotion services are from bots and reading devices.

Does your B2B content pass this checklist?

If your content meets these criteria, we’d like to promote it for you.

  • It is at least 1,400 words long if it’s text. At least five minutes long if it’s a video. And at least 15 minutes long if it’s an audio file.
  • It was published in the last six months.
If it’s text:
  • It has a header image.
  • It includes at least three images in the body.
  • It is structured for readers who scan, so it uses subheaders and bullet points.
  • It’s been run through Grammarly and triggered no more than two minor errors.
  • It’s been run through the Hemingway App and scored a Grade 9 or less.
  • It is not sales collateral in disguise – or heavy affiliate marketing.
  • The page the content is on has no more than two ads or one pop-up/overlay.

Immediately after you buy one of the content promotion packages, you'll be asked to send us a link to the piece of content you'd like us to promote.

If the piece of content hasn't been published yet, it's fine to link to a PDF, a Google Docs/Drive document, or a Dropbox file.

We review all content submissions within 24 hours. If your content is declined, your payment will be 100% refunded immediately.

“You must promote your content to get additional eyeballs on it – not just the same old eyeballs that happen to be on or find your website.” – Shareaholic

B2B Content Promotion Plans For One Piece of Content


$ 127
  • Submission to Quuu Promote ($40 value), GrowthHackers,, and OpenZap
  • Email outreach to 7 people or companies mentioned in the content or to people who have shared similar content and/or your content before
  • Publishing the content on Medium
  • Submission to 2 carefully selected Facebook groups
  • 5 versions of copy for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter posts
  • ClickMagick tracking link and weekly reports for two months
  • Very rough estimate of clicks (*click counts are not guaranteed*): 130 clicks
  • Very rough estimate of cost per click: $1 per click


$ 247
  • Everything included in Bronze plus:
  • Triberr, Reddit, and submission
  • Email outreach to 13 more people mentioned in the content or to people who have shared similar content and/or have shared your content before (20 total)
  • Answers to 3 high-ranking Quora questions that reference your piece of content
  • 100~ word content summary suitable for an email newsletter or an Instagram post


$ 397
  • Everything included in Silver plus:
  • Republish your content on LinkedIn
  • Republish your content on Business2Community or on another industry-appropriate site
  • Outreach via email or DM to 20 more people who have shared similar content, or who have shared your content in the past (40 total outreach contacts)
  • Submission to two other content sharing or curation sites like, Flipboard,, BlogLovin, or Submission choices based on what will work best for your content.

Custom Content Promotion

for multiple pieces of content or for ongoing content promotion

  • Want to buy content promotion services for three or more pieces of content? You’ll get a 20% discount. 
  • Want to set up a monthly recurring package of content promotion services for a few months or a full year? Quarterly plans get a 25% discount. Annual plans get a 35% discount.
  • Want to get your content featured in some of the premiere content-sharing sites?
  • Want to invest in hyper-targeted, niche advertising so you can get in front of your ideal audience? 
  • Want to test cutting-edge content promotion tactics and services most people don’t know about?
Contact us at for custom packages and reduced bulk rates. Or schedule a call

"Promotion is the step where most companies fail at content marketing." - Moz

How These Costs Compare to Pay Per Click

The average cost per click in 2019 for B2B companies was $3.33 on Google Ads. Across all industries, the average cost per click was $2.69 for search and $0.63 for display.

Cost Per Click ComparedToContent Promotion Services

The average cost per click in 2019 for B2B companies was $2.48 on Facebook. 

Facebook ads average cost per click
“I believe brands should take the same approach that networks do with televised content: Spend 5X what you spent to make something to promote it.”
– Michael King, Managing Director at iPullRank

“Of course, great content is a big part of the equation, but the other often overlooked area of content marketing is content promotion.” 

– Neil Patel