How to create a custom tab in Facebook in less than 10 minutes

FacebookCustomTabBlogPostPromoBLOGFacebook is a huge potential source of email subscribers. The easiest way to begin to find new subscribers in this channel is to just add an email opt-in form to your Facebook page. You do that by creating a “custom tab” on your Facebook page.

Some sources make this sound technical, so I wanted to show how easy it is. Here are three videos that show you exactly how to create a custom tab, add the email opt-in form and customized the image on the tab. I used Pagemodo’s free version to create the opt-in page. The whole process took less than 10 minutes.

Here’s the first video, where I talk about what I’m going to do and the tools I’m using. 3:02 mins.

[youtube OoHV42xpiOY]

In the second video, I create the opt-in page in Pagemodo. 5:42 mins.

[youtube Q9yqVLSz22Y]

In this last video, I add the custom image to the Facebook tab. 3:18 mins.

[youtube WOQnqPKz7as]