These are a few of the resources I’ve put together for the students in my Sought-After Content Writer course. But instead of charging for them, they’re free.


How to do freelance content writing part-time

Want to do freelance content writing part-time?

This free ebook and action plan will get you started.

10 Things Highly-Paid Freelance Writers Do Differently

Find out what freelance writers who earn $45+ per hour do differently than those who earn $15 or less per hour.

I surveyed 1,300 freelance writers to get this information. It’s not opinion. It’s not hearsay. It’s real-world data. Stop underearning today.

Minimum Viable Content

Get off the content creation hamster wheel.

Get my ebook, Minimum Viable Content, and see how to start getting more results from less content. (Freelance writers: This is a way for you to uplevel into being a content strategist.)

Professional Writers' Organizations

107 Writers Organizations and Associations

Network with other writers, build your resume, look like a pro, and do some automated marketing. Every writer needs to be in one or two writers’ associations.

Webinars / Videos