Then you need to know what actually works for freelance writers.

“So What’s in the Ebook?”


10 Things Highly Paid Freelance Writers Do isn’t a huge ebook that will take you an hour to read. In under 2,000 words it walks through the specific things top freelance writers do to get great clients and highly paid work. 

Here are the highlights of what you’ll learn:

Why getting clients to come to you puts you in the power position for every aspect of the client relationship (including pay rates).

Which types of clients are the most valuable.

Which types of work are the most valuable.

How highly paid freelance writers see themselves and treat themselves.

It’s time for you to join them. Get the ebook now and find out how to do it.

About Content Wonk and Pam Neely


Who is Pam Neely? She’s a freelance writer who charges $600-$1,200 per blog post or more, and regularly earns $200 or even $300+ per hour. Content Wonk is her company.

Pam has:

Been a freelance writer for about 15 years now.

Published over a million words online in the last few years in publications ranging from Forbes, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, MarketingProfs, CoSchedule’s blog, and many, many others.

Won a Gold Hermes Award for blogging, plus several other B2B content awards and accolades.

Earned Master Content Marketer certification from Copyblogger.

Won a New York Press Award for a feature article she wrote while still in college.

Run a/b split-tests on headlines that have saved her clients up to $900,000 per year in ad spend.

Earned a Master’s Degree in Direct and Interactive Marketing from New York University.

Been building, writing, and marketing websites since 1997.

Launched, grown, and sold three internet businesses.

So are you ready to stop being the angry, broke freelancer?

Then start reading “10 Things Highly Paid Freelance Writers Do” NOW!