Get 200-300% more website traffic by blogging

increase traffic by blogging

increase traffic by bloggingWhat if you could double your website traffic… for free? What if you could triple it?

We all know that having a blog is essential now. That does not necessarily mean that everyone reading this has gotten their blog up yet.

If you were still one of the last few marketers on the fence about the benefits, what I’ve got to tell you might change your mind. If you were resisting the idea because of the cost, read this post about figuring out the value of each blog post.

There are four different sources that show a 200 to 300% increase in website traffic due solely to blogging once to three times a week for six months. Let’s look at the evidence.

Exhibit A: An SEO blogging survey

A survey from TopRank Blog revealed that 54% of business bloggers saw an increase in website traffic within 3 months. 94% saw results in 12 months. The 6% that didn’t see results did things like turning off their comments (never do this) and not posting more than once a month.

Exhibit B: What 6 months of optimized, regular blogging can do

Brian Gardner increased traffic to his blog by 267% over six months simply by writing more often, adding a sign up box, and setting up some simple social media prompts.

Brian was also smart and went after long-tail keywords when he optimized his blog posts. Blogging is particularly good at getting traffic from long-tail keywords, which make up over 90% of searches.

Long-tail keywords, by the way, are often the highest-converting keywords. Take a deep look into your AdWords and Analytics account to confirm this. Then take that list of keywords and write blog posts around each one. Include a call to action.

Exhibit C: Traffic lost when blogging stops

This is my favorite example. It has data points aplenty. It compares data for two specific sites and shows the difference in ROI between two companies – one that takes a 6 month blogging hiatus and another company that keeps on typin’.

The blogger (a dentist) who blogged for six months, stopped, and then started again, A dentist’s blog was being updated every

Exhibit D: Guest blogging is the new article marketing

Do you remember article marketing? It worked beautifully until about 2009 or so, and continued to work for awhile after if you followed some best practices. The best practices were

      1) you submitted only unique content – not “spun” content
      2) you submitted content worth reading
      3) you submitted it to sites that weren’t trash
      4) you varied the anchor text like crazy, even putting in “wild card” keywords

Google updates from the last couple of years have made even high-quality article marketing harder, mostly because they revoked most of the authority of the big article marketing sites like

But now that blogs are the new websites, and bloggers are talking much like part-time Internet marketers were five years ago, we’ve got the bloggers’ answer to article marketing: guest posts. Guest posts are reasonably well-written content that gets put up on someone else’s site. They get free content and you get a link back.

Successful guest blogging usually means going after sites with good authority and high readership. This post does a very good job of highlighting the best practices and gives a lot of tips on how to find relevant, high-quality sites to link from.

Just don’t tell the blogging community it’s all link building. Call it guest blogging or you’ll get their dander up.