Is List Building Coaching Right For You?


build your list, build your business. Your audience is your business.

You know the saying, “The money’s in the list”?

It’s your money that’s in the list. Your customers, your clients. Your sales.

Your freedom is in the list

Why? Because no one can take your list from you.

Google can change it’s rankings, Facebook can reduce reach. JV partners can bail… advertisers can leave.

The list is always yours.

But you know all that. It’s why you’re here.

You know how important an email list is

You “get” that at a fundamental level, your audience is your business.

So you’re willing to do some work to build it. Of course, the less work, the better.

And the faster, the better, too.

That’s what I’m offering.

List Building Coaching is a personalized program for building a high-quality list fast.

There is no other list-building training
this personalized anywhere

From the start – the moment you join – I’ll ask you to fill out the Customized List Building Plan questionnaire. It takes about 2 minutes. From there I will review your website, your social media accounts and your competition.

About 4 to 48 hours later you’ll get a detailed, day-by-day, task-by-task 30-day plan for how YOU should build YOUR list with the resources and time you have available.

nocookiecutterThis is no cookie cutter list-building template.

It’s personalized to exactly your needs. Only your needs.

It guarantees your first 30 days in List Building Coaching will be focused and effective.


In addition to your 30-day plan, you’ll also have access to all the other resources coaching includes:

list building coaching 43 video tutorials reviewing different list-building plug-ins and services. We walk through the pros and cons of each and do a live install and setup, complete with hooking them up to your email service provider.

list building coaching - email service provider video tutorials Detailed email account setup videos for MailChimp. Videos for AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact and MadMimi will be added soon.

list building course - more video tutorials Additional videos and articles about list-building strategy, content marketing, content promotion, search engine optimization, blogging, guest blogging, creating amazing emails, partnering with other sites, and more.

list building course - more video tutorials Access to “The Vault”, where you can download several valuable reports, including The Toolbox, (53 essential tools to create your empire AND how to use them), and the results of my survey of how 300 small ecommerce sites use email marketing.

list building membership The ability to ask questions, either in the Facebook group, or to me directly via email.

list building membership Access to the content clinic, where you can get feedback on your website, your lead magnet, your new blog post – whatever it is that you’d like some feedback on.

checkbox Monthly webinars and discussions afterwards. Or you can just watch the replays when you’ve got time.

checkbox Full versions of the tactics in the list building database.

checkbox Over $600 worth of promo codes, coupons, and the ability to get free copies of the best list-building plugins available. I buy developer licenses of the plugins I like best. I can give them to you because you’re a client.


It all goes toward getting you to your list goal



Best of all, you and your fellow members are in the driver’s seat for this coaching program.

You decide which tutorials get made first, which plugins get tested first, and which new list building techniques need to be discussed.

You call the shots. It’s your program. Your coaching. Your list.

So sign up. Let’s get you started.
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The premium coaching options aren’t for everyone, but if you want extra help with list building or other parts of your business, they can make a big difference. I can help with far more than just list-building.


Put 18 years of successes – and failures – to work for you

I’ve got over 18 years experience in internet marketing. I’ve managed $2 million per year pay per click accounts and created an A/B split test that saved one client $1 million per year.

I’ve won a New York Press award and published a very successful Amazon Kindle book. I’ve also created world-class training programs, earned a Master’s Degree in Direct and Interactive Marketing from New York University, and sold several websites and businesses.

And while all that might sound impressive… I’ve also failed.

I’ve seen more than half my income get swept away by a Google update. I’ve had horrible clients, and websites I put months of work into that just fizzled out.

Frankly, my failures have taught me as much as my successes, if not more. But you can benefit from all of it.


What to expect from premium coaching

All private calls are over Skype, and will be recorded. The 45 minute block is enough to discuss progress, and to plan what’s ahead. It also gives you plenty of time to ask questions.


What to expect from the coaching materials

To give you an idea of what the coaching materials look like, I thought I’d include a sample custom plan and a couple of videos.

30 Day List Building Plan for a Coach30 Day List Building Plan for a Solo Professional
List building plan for a coachList Building Plan for Professional Services Firms

Here’s what people have said about their custom plans:

“Thanks very much, I was really surprised and impressed as I had not really expected that level of personal customization.” – Frikkie van Kraayenburg, Pretoria, South Africa

“Thanks, this is amazing. You just gave me just the structure I need to start building my list a little bit each day.” – Drew Sanocki, online retail veteran

Here are a two sample tutorials:


Got any questions about coaching? Need to talk it out a bit? Call me: 505-660-7072. Or send me an email at


Pam Neely



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07570014-2763985996-O copyPS: If you don’t like List Building Coaching, ask for a refund any time during the first 30 days. I’ll refund your money immediately. You’ll still get to keep your customized plan (of course!).