link to a newsletter archive

Add a link to past newsletters near your opt-in form

This is also known as a newsletter archive link. Adding it gives people a way to see what they’re going to get before they sign up. It’s basically the classic sales technique of “try before you buy”, but for emails.

If you don’t have enough time or interest to create an entire newsletter archive, you can just offer a link to one sample newsletter. It’s not as good as an archive, but it’s a good start.

Automatically created newsletter archives

Some email service providers (like GetResponse) have made it extremely to create an email archive. They do it for you – all your emails are automatically added to an archive page. That’s a great way to create an archive fast, but it loses points (at least in the GetResponse case) because the archive isn’t hosted on your site. That’s a problem because one of the major bonuses of creating an email archive is that you’ll also be adding content to your site. That’s good for your visitors, and good for your site’s search engine rankings.

Pinterest email archives

Another way to leverage an email archive is to open up each email you want to add to your archive, and then choose “Print”. But instead of printing the email, you can save it as a PDF. Then you’ve got a nice PDF of your email for people.

You’ve also got a file that can be opened in an image editing program (like Photoshop) and then saved as an image. You can then take that image and upload it to your Pinterest account.

Create a board of all your past email messages, add the email images, and take the time to write a nice full-length description of what’s included in the email. And then, of course, include a link back to a landing page on your site that’s specifically designed to get Pinterest visitors to sign up for your email.

Voila – you’ve re-used some content, added a new way to get more email subscribers, improved your Pinterest page and created the main elements of a terrific email archive page for your site.


Newsletter archive example
This opt-in form from Duct Tape Marketing includes a link to a newsletter archive.
Email archive sample from Web Marketing Today
Web Marketing Today offers one sample email

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