add a full-width opt-in form to your homepage

Add a full-width home page opt-in

Adding a full-width opt-in form to your homepage is a commitment, but it pays off big time. You’ll get at least a third of your subscribers from this one form. One blogger reports his client saw a 500% increase when the client switched from a standard, top right navigation opt-in box to a full-width box. Many of the best-converting home page opt-in forms include a video, too.

These kinds of home page opt-ins are sometimes called resource boxes. Whatever you call them, they take up the full width of the top of the home page area, filling most of the space above the fold.

Here are a few examples of sites that prioritize their list building:

full-width opt-in form on marie forleo's site
Marketing icon Marie Forleo uses a full-width opt-in form on her home page.


So does Derek Halpern. If two of the smartest people in marketing use the most valuable piece of real estate on their site to build their email list, shouldn’t you?


And one more example - Jon Morrow's opt-in form.
And one more example – Jon Morrow’s opt-in form.

How to make a full-width opt-in box

You can adjust the layout of your homepage in WordPress to accommodate a full-width opt-in form.

If you aren’t comfortable with moving columns around in WordPress, there is a plugin that can help. Magic Action Box has a free version here. The Pro version is $47 and available here. The Pro version basically lets you do A/B split testing… which is worth the $47 if your website is making more than $200 a month.

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