Add opt-in forms to embedded videos on your site

Add opt-in forms to videos on your site

Got any videos on your site? You could be using them as another place for your opt-in forms.

Keep in mind this will only work for videos that play on your site. If your videos are on YouTube (and are being viewed on YouTube), the best you can do is to add an annotation link to an opt-in page. But that’s a different list-building technique. For the moment, we’re talking only about videos that play on your site.

To add an opt-in form to a video (on your site only) you’ll need a media player. There are dozens of media players, but you want one that lets you embed an opt-in form into the videos that play on your site. These four media players let you do that: Wistia, Viewbix, OptinPlayer and HeroCaster.

Different techniques for adding an opt-in form into a video

These players allow you to embed an opt-in form right into your video. You can then “gate” the video, which means visitors can only see the video if they give up their email address.

You can also make completing the opt-in form optional, and thus basically have an “ungated” video that still has an opt-in form. A third option is to insert the required opt-in form at the end of the video, or even in the middle. Wistia has done some research on the best times to add the opt-in and suggests inserting it about 15 seconds into the video. That gives people a chance to decide if they like what they see enough to enter their email address to continue.

So… do these kinds of opt-in embeds work? Yes. Wistia has gotten up to 11% opt-in rates from their videos. But do be careful about requiring an email at the beginning of all your videos. It can suppress views by a lot. Test and see which opt-in placement works best. Perhaps you will want to leave the opt-in form out of some of your videos entirely, just to build engagement, and then use opt-in forms in other videos once people’s interest is high.

This is what Wistia's email capture form looks like.
This is what Wistia’s email capture form looks like.


Wistia is the best-known media player, mostly because it is also a video hosting service. Their opt-in feature is called “turnstile”. Wistia is not a plugin but an online service. You add your videos to your site via shortcode. If you use MailChimp, you’ll want to see this tutorial on integrating Wistia forms with your MailChimp account.

Cost: $25 a month for 25 videos. $50 a month for 50 videos.

Wistiaintegrations Wistia integrates with almost every major email service.


Has a 14 day free trial. Is then $19.99 a month for one player and $39.99 a month for five players.

This video show the Viewbix email optin prompts.
This video show the Viewbix email optin prompts.


$39 for three sites, unlimited videos. OptinPlayer does not actually embed the opt-in form into your videos – it creates an opt-in form that appears next to the video at some point while the video is playing. You can control when the opt-in form shows.

How the opt-in form for OptinPlayer looks
How the opt-in form for OptinPlayer looks


This is a plugin that you can get for $22 if you’re only going to be using it on one site. For $27 you can use it on all the sites you own. For $97 you can have a developer license and use it on all your clients’ sites.

HeroCaster also calls their opt-in functionality “turnstile”, like Wistia. Of all the media players that offer email opt-in functionality on this page, HeroCaster is the one I want to test most.

This is how HeroCaster's email optin form looks.
This is how HeroCaster’s email optin form looks.


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