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Say something besides “subscribe” on the sign-up box button

The words you use in your buttons can make a tremendous difference in your results – I have doubled conversion rates by doing nothing more than changing one word on a button.

Many people resist testing, but I can’t urge you enough to do a simple A/B split test to see which words on your signup button get the most conversions.

You could test any one of the six options shown here:
1) Go
2) Sign up
3) Get updates
4) Sign up for FREE
5) Join
6) Sign me up!


test button copy - it's worth the time and effort




Still not convinced? Consider this case study from AWeber below. The “control” or original button is on the left. The test button is on the right.

The new test button actually bombed – “Start my free subscription” got 22.9% fewer signups than “Send My Free Report”. Aweber suspects the word “subscription” suppressed results. They believe “Subscription” may suggest a commitment, while a free report is less demanding.





Here’s another example of how powerful button copy can be from Unbounce’s blog:

test opt-in form button copy

Changing the button copy increased signups by 31.54%. That’s a hefty return for just one test.


On one of my own sites, there’s a 3x improvement in opt-in conversion rate from using different button copy:

sign up now versus get updates button copy


Here’s one last example for you:


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