Tutorial – How to Create a Goal in Google Analytics

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Transcript of How to Create a Goal in Google Analytics

Hey there everybody. What we want to do today is set up a goal in Google Analytics.

It’s a super important thing because it will show you where all your results are coming from. And, frankly, at least half to a third of what you try here, this may not work for you. And so some things will work really well and some things won’t, and we’ve got to know what’s working and what’s not working. And so that’s why we set up Google Analytics.

This is super easy to do and, again, you’re probably going to have extra time today.

So the first thing we need to do is having a Google Analytics account up and running. And I’m going to log in and go to my account. And so this is my little Bakery account.

What I want to do is go into “Admin” and see where it says “Goals”, right there. We have no goals. Oh dear. So we’re going to add a new goal.

What we want to do is this template. We want “Custom”. Ironically, all that does not suit our little sign-ups. And so we’ll go to “Next step”. And we want a “Destination”, so we want to show this when they get to a specific page. Also going to want to name this and let me call it “Email Sign-up”. Click “Next Step”. And here’s the “Destination”. So what we want is to go into our “Dashboard” and find that page that we created fairly recently, that is the final confirmation page. And there it is, “You’re confirmed!”. And so let’s click “View”. And we’re going to pull this down and grab email confirmation, like that.

Go into Google Analytics, paste this. Just want to check this to make sure. No. Leave “Case sensitive” alone. “Value”.

If you know how much a subscribers worth to you, you could put in value here. You could also put in a funnel, if you wanted to be a little bit more sophisticated with your tracking. I’m going to leave it alone for right now and I’m just going to click “Verify Goal”.

And I haven’t had any subscribers because I just put in all my opt-in boxes, so that’s okay.

I’m going to “Create Goal”. The goal is on, it is tracking and that’s it.

That’s how you create a goal in Google Analytics. And so now we’ll know where all our email subscribers are coming from. Pretty simple. I will see you in the next video. Cheers.

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