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Transcript of How to Create a MailChimp Account

Hey guys, this is Pam Neely. I wanted to walk you through a step-by-step installation of MailChimp for optimizing a website for building a list.

MailChimp is pretty much the most popular program for email marketing services right now and it’s the one that most people transition into when they start with email marketing, and so I wanted to use MailChimp for this first round of tutorials.

This is the website that we’re going to be optimizing for list building and so let’s get started. I just want to show you exactly what I do. So I’m going to do the sign-up free here and I’m going to put in my username right here, as you can see, it’s pretty simple. So username, password, create my account. And it doesn’t want me to do that, so how about we do BakerPam, Bakery Pam. And I doubt BakeryPam has been taken. And so there it is. We’re going to close that. And “Thanks for signing up”.

I’m going to get an activation email and that’s the next thing to check. Let’s click “Refresh”. Usually these confirmation emails come in pretty quickly. There you go. So let’s double click there. Yeah. And so all we’ve got to do now is just click “Activate”. And type in their little code. And so let’s call me a slightly different name. And there’s my email address. And so they’re going to make me enter all this information, which is cool. We’re going to say yes.

So while you can see me entering all of this, we’re basically on a timer to get you guys set up, you know, in an hour because I do want to try to hold to the one hour rule that we’ve set up for you. But, you know, if you’ve got the time you can just, you know, do like six hours in one day, if you’re a member. So, industry. We want to do “Business and Finance”. Time zone – where’s Mountain? There’s Mountain. And I’m going to skip a photo. And I do want to subscribe – you never know enough about this stuff.

So let’s save and get started. And now they’re going to give me a whole bunch of little prompts as we go through, which is fine. You know, they’re helpful when you’re in the first time. But you’re going to see a lot of pop-ups that you won’t see once you’ve been in your account for a bit. So here’s the very next thing to do. Thank you.

First thing we want to do is import our list. And so my list, actually, for this account, right now, is in Aweber. And so I’m going to go over, grab my Aweber list for this account and then we’re going to import it and I’m going to show you how to do that in the next tutorial.

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