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Transcript of First Comment Redirect Plugin Tutorial

Hey guys, this is Pam Neely. I wanted to talk to you about a really easy way to get people to sign up for your email list after they have commented on your website. This is a free WordPress plugin. It’s called “First Comment Redirect.” I’ve tested it on a couple different sites. It’s so easy to use. I think you’re going to like it a lot. The reason we want to ask people to join your email list after they’ve commented is because they’ve just engaged with your site. They really kind of put in a little bit of themselves to leave a comment. The opt-in rate becomes really high at that point.

What this does is just redirects to a new page after they comment, either for their first time or any time. I’m going to leave mine so that it only redirects people when they comment the first time because I don’t want to bang people over the head too hard with the email opt-in form. Just a little.

I’m going to copy this and I’m going to go into my side and I’m going to walk you through exactly what I did to install it and get it working. Here I am in my dashboard. I’m going to go to “plugins” and “add new.” I’m going to search. There are a couple other plugins that will help you get more subscribers right at the point when people are commenting or have just commented. We’ll go into those later. I wanted to show you this just because, again, it’s so super easy to use, it’s free and it works. Those are all good combinations. We’re going to activate it.

The next thing we would want to do is create a page that we’re going to redirect people to. This is kind of similar to a thank you page but it’s a little bit different. It’s basically a thank you for commenting page, lets face it. What I’m going to add there is a happy little sentence about “wow, thanks for commenting, that’s great.” I’m going to suggest that they sign up for the email and then I’m going to suggest that they follow me on my various social media channels.

There we go. The plugin is activated. Now I’m going to go to pages. I actually just created the page so I will show you that. So you can see I probably would rename that to something like “hey, thanks for commenting. Here’s my sign up for newsletters.” I would add a link to be on Facebook, Twitter, the whole thing. People are really engaged after they’ve just left a comment, so it’s a really excellent opportunity to get them to connect with you on as many channels as they’re willing to connect on.

Lets go back to the dashboard and we’re now going to tell First Comment Redirect which page to pull from and then we’re going to test it. Here’s first comment redirect. We want to redirect to a page — you could have a custom link. So you could even send it to someone else’s site, but we’re not going to do that.

So we’ve got already selected comment redirect opt-in page and that will do very nicely. I don’t need to redirect to a custom link. Right now, this is just to redirect all comments. I’m going to lighten it up a little and just do the first one. Click “save changes.” It doesn’t give you any feedback when it’s done.

What we’re going to do is log out and then we’re going to go find a blog post to comment on. There we are and here’s the comment. There we go. Post comment, and boom, it redirects me to the page.

That took, what, five minutes? You certainly want to spend a little time hooking all this up and making an opt-in form for this. That’s the basics of how to use this little first comment redirect. It’s super simple. Again, there are other ways to get your blog commenter to opt-in. There’s action comments. I have been using Comment Redirect by Yost but it does not appear to be working in the latest version of WordPress which, at this time, is 3.9.1.

This works perfectly fine. It’s real simple, and it’s free. Have fun with it.

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