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Transcript of Create an Opt-in Form in MailChimp – Basic

Hi everybody. This is Pam Neely and we are on day three now. We’re in the third major segment of getting our MailChimp account all teed up for this little website, Start A Bakery. That’s kind of just a test site of mine.

And what we’ve done is, first day, we opened the account, we integrated a Facebook and Google Analytics. We actually ended up setting up a Facebook tab just because it’s so easy. And then we imported our list. Second day, we set up an automated RSS campaign that runs every week on Sundays. So whenever I post a new blog post, if I have a new blog post that week, it will just automatically go out to all my people. And it will create archives of each one. Once it’s sent something, these become HTML past emails.

The next thing to do is to really get book in on adding an opt-in form because that’s kind of what we were here for. Go to the home page and let’s dive right in. For MailChimp to create an opt-in box, you go to “Lists”. And we go over here and do “Signup forms”.

Now, there’s a huge draw-back to MailChimp and that is that you really can only create one sign-up form for each list. So what we’re going to do is add an opt-in form to the footer, which will appear down here and then we’re also going to add an opt-in form to the upper right hand navigation. So this “Recent Posts” will get pushed down and we’ll put in an opt-in box here. Normally I would create two separate opt-in forms because I want to know how many people are coming to the footer and how many people are coming from the top right nav. But there’s no easy way to do that in MailChimp.

What we could do is if we were going to get guerilla – no pun, no pun on MailChimp, to get guerilla on them – but if I really felt I was going to have separate opt-in forms, I would create a separate list. And so I would be running, ultimately, three or four or, now, five different lists for this site. So first list would be the opt-in form for this upper right nav list, which would be kind of weird. And then we’d have another list for the opt-in form in the footer. We would have a third list for the opt-in form that is going to be on the homepage, which we’ll talk about in a different lesson. And then we would have another list for the opt-in forms that would be specifically in the “About us” page. And then we would have a fifth list for the pop-up, which is also a separate lesson.

That is a lot of work and that means you’re going to have to merge all those different lists. MailChimp makes that fairly easy. That’s really an advanced topic, hopefully I’m not confusing you just bringing it up already. But that would be a way around that. There’s probably also plug-ins that we can get around this.

But, for right now, we’re just going to have to, you know, fudge and have one form across the site. And we’re just going to keep it really simple.

So let’s create this one, simple form. We’re going to go into “General forms”.

As you can see, this is pretty easy. I’m not going to let them pick the email format. And so all we want to do is just start in here. I don’t need to know peoples last names so I would go down here and click “Delete”. And they’re going to make me be very conscious of deleting that, which is cool. Whether you put first name at the top, or email address, does not really matter. I’m going to put email address because if I could only have one thing, I would have the email address.

We are, later on, going to get into quite an extended discussion about whether it’s worth it to have first name. As you know, if you’ve probably looked at any of the other materials, the more fields you add to an opt-in form, the fewer subscribers you get.

That said, you can get dramatically higher click-through rates if you have a first name. I’m really on the fence for it. I need to do some super detailed research, you know, like run the math and create a calculator for you guys to really decide, you know, is it worth it to have a first name? Frankly, what I’m seeing from like some of the major list-building people who build like a hundred thousand name email list in one year, they never use a first name. They just only go for the email address. That’s certainly well and good. It probably is a best practice that you should let go of – or that I should let go of, hey? And so why don’t we try it for this? Go in here and we will delete “First Name” and just keep it real simple. So here we go. That’s all we’ve got.

In terms of adding a message, I like to usually do that in text on my own. And so this is pretty good. We can’t get rid of this MailChimp thingy because we’re using a free account. And “Subscribe to list” is easiest to edit when we are actually working on the code and posting the code in. Let’s do “Background”, that’s pretty simple. What we want is white. And, again, you know, maybe that’s not what you want. You might want a gray down here. But we kind of want our opt-in box to pop a little. And so in the interest of that – I always end up going back and fixing this anyway.

So what color would we want a bakery to be? How about like a lime yellow be good? Eh. We’ll leave it there for now. I don’t have strong feelings about that either way, so. This is very interesting. It seems to have seriously stalled. Okay. So it’s just having a seizure on us. So let’s go into “General forms”. And, as you can see, we’ve got our Start A Bakery underway. Now, really, I don’t want this – I will figure out what color I want it to be later, but right now I just want it to be super simple.

And so, really, this is all I need until I can go back into “Signup forms” and actually get the code, which is what we want.

So let’s go to “Signup forms” and here we want “Embedded forms”. Now I don’t want a title on my form. I don’t want to show required. I want to disable JavaScript. And that’s really all I need to do for right now, just to get this working. So let’s select all and copy that, pretty simple. We’re going to add this here first. And so load the Dashboard. And the first thing we want to do is “Appearance – Widgets”. And so here I have my “Primary Sidebar”. We’ve got “Recent Posts” and my polls, which is all well and good. What I want is “Text”. So we take that and move up.

So I’ll click here and I will paste this in. Well, I was going to click “Save” but let’s put in just like an “H3”. And here’s where you would add the copy that you’ve been thinking about. And so I’m going to say “Sign up for free weekly email” – and we’re going to spell that right – “updates”. And that’s a great header, that’s a good start. And we go like that.

And I also mentioned that we want to change the opt-in button, we want to do something better than “Subscribe”. And I find “Sign me up” is a good place to start.

Ultimately, you’re going to want to text your buttons but, for right now, we’re just going to keep this simple and get it working. Boom. So there it is. It’s not very glamorous at all but it’s a good start.

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