Tutorial: How to Integrate Facebook & Google Analytics in MailChimp

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Transcript of How to Integrate Facebook & Google Analytics in MailChimp

Hey guys. So we’re now on, basically, step three of the MailChimp set-up for sweet little StartABakery.com. And what we’ve done is that we have opened the account, obviously, because I’m in my dashboard. I have imported the list but they are still reviewing it.

So the next thing to do after we’ve got our list set up is to integrate both our Facebook page and Google Analytics. So let’s go into my Account Settings and then we’re going to go into “Extras and Integration”. And first thing I want to do, we’ll just start from the top I guess, and we’ll do Facebook and log in.

I am already logged into my Facebook account which makes it dramatically easier. And cool. So I’m now able to – bang, you know. That was how hard it was to integrate that, which is great. Page to use, Start A Bakery. They’re very smart. And there’s my list. I do want to use a sign-up form tab for this. It doesn’t really matter a whole bunch. And this is the Tab label, this is really important. And so, actually, let’s show you what the Facebook page looks like before I activate this. Hey there. So this is the page. Let’s see if we can get a better view.

When they talk about Tabs, now that we’re working with the new Facebook set-up, these are the Tabs and so that’s what it’s going to say on those Tabs. And what I want is – how about “Get free updates”? Get free email updates. We don’t need the “s”. And that’ll do. So there we go, “Page Tab updated”.

And so now let’s go over to Start A Bakery here and click reload. And you’ll see it down here, which is all well and good. What we want to do now is go to “Manage Tabs”. This is so easy. You just grab it up here and I want to move it up there because emails are more important to me than anything else. I can’t put it in front of the About Us page, but there’s my tab. So, gosh, that was hard, huh? And when we create a form you’ll see a form there. Probably, for right now, it should be blank, unless they’re putting in a default form. You know, better than nothing. So that’s pretty good. We’ll dress that up later. That’s kind of a separate project.

Next, for integration, let’s go over to Google Analytics. And we want to be doing, particularly, Google Analytics now before we send anything because sometimes it can take, you know, like a day or two before stats start flowing into MailChimp. And so it’s just a good idea to do this sooner rather than later. And authorise the connection.

And, again, I’m logged into my Google account and thus into my Analytics account. And so I’m just going to click “Allow Access”. Done. So that’s pretty easy. That was basically setting up a tab on Facebook, which couldn’t be faster and then doing our Google Analytics. We could test it but it’s so early it won’t show anyway.

So those are the two integrations and that basically completes step three of MailChimp activation and setting up for little Start A Bakery. We’ll start working on that site, actually in the site, very soon, in the next session, I believe. So, so far, this is like pretty quick, pretty easy. I hope you’re having fun. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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