Advanced List Management & Segmentation with Zapier

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Find out how to add new subscribers to a specific campaign based on how they fill out a form. This is an advanced technique that will let you elegantly segment your subscribers. It’s not something your email service provider can do for you “out of the box” – you’ll need a Zapier account and a form app that can talk to Zapier (like Wufoo, Gravity Forms or Formidable, for example).

Transcript of Advanced List Management & Segmentation with Zapier Video Tutorial

Hey there guys, this is Pam Neely. I wanted to show you a really advanced list management trick that I learned fairly recently. You can do it with Wufoo, Zapier and GetResponse is what I did in this example but you could use AWeber, MailChimp, Mad Mimi, iContact, Exact Target, have your pick. It lets you add subscribers to specific campaigns based on how they fill out a form. That’s something that you can’t do out of the box. It’s really helpful with segmenting and it’s a great way to customize the messages that you send people. I wanted to figure it out for my business and I think it may be really helpful for a couple of you to be able to do this.

Here’s the example. This is about to be my old homepage. What people can do is they can choose from any one of these different business types and then they can get a list-building plan that’s specific to that kind of business. Again, if I was doing this out of the box with the functionality that you’re given in AWeber, GetResponse, any of the email service providers, I would have to have 12 different opt-in boxes because they’re really only set up to — one opt-in box sends people to one campaign. It’s not a situation where you can have one opt-in box send people to multiple campaigns.

There are ways to tag this or to, depending on your email service provider, they’ll call tagging like segmenting or whatever , but it’s not really segmenting. Any time you send an email you’ll also have to filter out those tags and it’s actually kind of a mess. They tell you that there’s a way to do it but it’s really limited. What you basically want is you want to send each different type of business owner to their own specific campaign that’s relevant so you can talk to them long-term any way you want.

Let me show you the steps that this goes through before I walk you though the specific tools and show you the interfaces. These are the high level steps. There’s that form on my site that you saw. That’s actually an embedded form from a tool called “Wufoo.” You could use pretty much any other embedded form, provided that tool talks to Zapier. Zapier is really kind of the smart part of this whole setup. What happens is, say, Julie, a coach, fills out the form. She selects “coach” and she fills out her email address. Her information is the sent to Wufoo. Wufoo logs that and then sends it on to Zapier. Zapier will be able to look at that field that says “coaching” and say “aha, I recognize that coaching. I will send this email address to the ‘coaching’ campaign in Get Response.” Thus, Julie is added to the proper coaching campaign in GetResponse.

Lets walk you through it live and in person. I will put in my email address and click “get my free –.” There you go, it’s done it’s thing. So now we go into Wufoo, and this is my Wufoo account, and I click reload because I want it to go from five to six and you can see the entry. There it is, right there, right now.

Now, I can go into the next step which is my Zapier dashboard here. Lets look at task history. That will show you all the little decisions that Zapier made in the last few moment. These are all the different selections that you can have in that pull down menu and that’s the one that actually occurred. So now, if I go into Get Response, I will be able to find me in the marketing PDF list. So lets go prove that. We can do “view all contacts.” Again, this works with any mail service provider. It does not have to be Get Response. Not to worry that it says “none,” because what we have to do is look at “unconfirmed.” There I am. Right now it works fine.

Now that you’ve seen the steps, let me talk to you a little bit more about how I would improve this. Again, this is the form. Ideally, I would not be using Wufoo. There are two reasons. First reason is that Wufoo does not let me use radio buttons and I think radio buttons would result in a higher conversion rate for this opt-in form than the pull down menu, so that’s reason one. Reason two is that Wufoo charges me $14.95 a month and that’s not too expensive but there are service like Formidable that you just pay a one time price and you’re done. So just in terms of cash flow and business management, I’d rather have a one time fee than one of those recurring fees.

That’s what I would change and Formidable is the tool that I’m most interested in. The next thing that you should probably know about with Zapier is how many different things it works with. Zapier, to give you that answer, works with hundreds of different tools, service, apps across the web. This is the email service providers that it works with, so you can see your Mail Chimp, Gmail, AWeber, GetResponse, Constant Contact. I’ll scroll down here, we’ll find Mad Mimi, Emma, ExactTarget, iContact, pretty much everything. All the big guys are addressed here. You can also, if you’re interested, if you want to see if you can use a different form software, you could actually do that. Here’s forms.

In addition to Wufoo, right there. Or Formidable, which is right there, I could use any one of these services to create my form. Gravity forms is really popular and that’s actually something that I’m kind of interested in using later. So Gravity Forms is also a really first class choice as well.

So that’s really everything you need to know about this. It is, again, it’s something that, if you called up your email service provider and said, “I want to be able to have people fill out a form and add them to a different campaign based on how they filled out the form,” they would tell you, “sorry ma’am, you can’t do that.” You can and you don’t need to be a developer. This did take me about a day to figure out the architecture of it and to test it, but now that you’ve got this video, I think you can probably set this up in maybe two or three hours. It’s actually pretty straight-forward. Again, you don’t have to hire a developer and then you can really segment your audience in the powerful ways that you need to.

Enough of that. I hope that was helpful and I will see you later. Bye.

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